About Me

The Decision

Mrs. Ridgeway

I was in the third grade, Mrs. Ridgeway was my teacher and inspiration, when I made my decision:  I am going to be a teacher.

I have always loved school as well as teaching my younger sisters everything I know.  I taught Sunday School, I have been a toddler teacher at a private school, a homeschool mom, conducted preschool in my home, and now I teach others about child care, cooking, and more.

Fourth Grade


I hold an AA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis on ECE (Early Childhood Education), but my decades of experience with children of all ages have been my best teacher.


Retired from caring for children on a professional basis, I still have a passion for helping those who care for children; parents, daycare providers, Sunday School teachers, etc. I also love to help others with the almost-lost art of cooking and homemaking, putting a modern, convenient twist on everyday tasks.

In 2010 I set out to improve my photography skills and found my passion for taking photos of almost everything. My skills improved drastically and I have been able to help others improve their skills, too.


I am an author of Toddler Curriculum and Preschool Plans as well as photo challenges, cookbooks and websites.  I also contribute to the PB&J Water Blog and other websites, blogs and social media profiles.


I have been happily married for over 25 years -- IN A ROW!

We have two grown children, who we homeschooled most of their lives.  Our son served in the US Army and we are very proud of our daughter who is married with a family of her own.

I ran an in-home child care for over a decade in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

My other interests include:  Photography, Once-A-Month Cooking, Crock Pot Cooking, thrift stores and yard sales, the Internet, and Facebook.